PhoneBhoot Official Trailer: Famous Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif ‘Phone Ghost’ starring Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter teases the curious. The audience is eagerly waiting for the trailer of the movie ‘Phone Bhoot’ which will be released today.

Horror Comedy or Entertainment Genres Ha Chatrapat Prakishkam Dhe Chhatre Astanch, Katarina Kefala First Beautiful Bhuttachia Roopat Phaihsathi Dikhel Amazing Curious. Akharis, Atapratiksha Simpli Aaswan, Narmathiani unveiled the astonishing trailer of ‘Phone Bhoot’ today.

Darskaransathi Ha Trailer Kharukharach Anokha Aswan, Yamdhi Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter Ghost Hunter Cha Vashisht Bhumiket Disner Ahit. Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khatter Jeeva Jagtil Sarwat beautiful ghost Katarina Kefla Bhatt Teva embark on a terrifying journey. Trailermedhal Dhamal Pahatna Prakashkana Ekekade Katarina Swatchi Open Medicated Gloves and many others have seen many horrible experiences among many other horrible experiences. Ha Cinema 4 November

Paha Trailer:

‘Bhool Bholiya 2’ Non-Preakshkana ‘Phone Bhoot’ is a horror-comedy film Pehla Mainar Aasun Parekshkani or entertaining and funny styler Prachanda Prem Dakhwale. Written by Gurmeet Singh and Ravi Shankaran and Jaswinder Singh Bath, ‘Phone Bhoot’ is a film produced by Ritesh Sidhwani and Farhan Akhtar and produced by Excel Entertainment.

The story of the film

‘Phone Ghost’ or the horror-comedy Chatrapatachi Katha is a Shukabhuti Vanali street, which the ghost-phantom Yana must have sold to face imprisonment. Or a film produced by Farhan Akhtar. Ya Chitrapatat Jackie Shroff, Sheba Chadha and Nidhi Bisht Hey Artist Dakhil Ambachia Bhumiket Disner Ahat. Ishaan Khatter Khandi and Sangda Ghiwan are starting the Desat Ahe motion poster tea. Yanantar Siddhant and Katarina Mekhal Ishan Khatarsobat Basilile District Ahit. In a black dress to cut Ekhadya Tantrica Pramane came to heaven. Yasobach Narmatiani Chatraptache poster is to be shared.

Commitment Second important thing:

Phone Ghost Release Date: ‘Phone Ghost’ Chatraptachi Release Date Changed! Prakishkana Ankhi Vat Pahavi Lagnar!

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