GG Gandhadada Gari: Actor Puneeth Rajkumar (Puneeth Rajkumar) Rosie passed away on 29 October. Viachia 46-year-old Tiani breathed her last. Puneet Yancha GG Gandhada Gudi Ha Shivachcha Cinematography Prakashkanch Bhatis Yanar is. The trailer of GG Gandhada Gudi or Tiancha Shivatchaya Chatraptacha is about to release. Puneeth Yanchia’s wife Ashwini Puneeth Rajkumar ie came to share a tweet. Or the tag of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appeared in the middle of the tweet. Then Narendra Modi means to share a particular tweet.

Ashwini Kumar Meant To Tweet Only
GG Gandhada Gudi or Chitrapatachan poster sharer Karun Ashwini tweeted, ‘Namaste Narendra Modi ji, ha dey humchyasathi very emotional. Aaj Ya Chatrapatacha Trailer Released Jhala Asoon Ha Chatrapata Apo Yanchia Hardachia Jwalcha Hota. Apu yana Nahmi used to negotiate with you. You are sharing your love with me. Or tag Ashwini i.e. Narendra Modi i.e. me in the middle of the tweet.

An emotional tweet by Pant Pradhan Narendra Modi
Narendra Modi i.e. Karun Lahelan shared the tweet, ‘Appu are doing Jag Bharathil Lokanchaya Hardivar Raj. The personality would have been wonderful. Tiancha Ha movie Mahanje Nisarga Matila is a convincing story. or Chitrapatala Majya good fortune.’

Gandhada Gudi or Chatrapattacham, the director of Amoghavarasha means he has arrived. Ha Chatrapat is expected to release on October 28 in Kannada, Hindi and English languages. Tar Ashwini Puneet Rajkumar Yani Ya Chatrapatachi Nirthi Keli Ahi.

Commitment Second important thing:

Puneeth Rajkumar: Honorary Doctorate to Late South Superstar, Mysore Vidyapeethakadon Puneeth Rajkumar Yana!

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