Consider the size of the heels when buying heels.
Choose high heels with silicone metatarsal pads.

Ways to Relieve Pain After Wearing Heels As beautiful and attractive as heels look, they are not comfortable to wear. They can cause pain in the heels and joints of the feet. Even after knowing all these things, women still wear heels a lot. Women choose heels to look beautiful. Because heels enhance her dressing style even more. Many times it happens that whenever women arrive for an event, before they start feeling unbearable pain and pain in their feet due to heels. In such a situation, some recipes can be useful to get relief from heel pain. Let’s know what those simple recipes are.

Take care of the fitting of the heels
Web md.com Accordingly, whenever you buy heels, keep in mind the size of the heels. Always measure it by feet. The heels are neither too loose nor too tight. Because it can cause pain. If you have wide feet, don’t forget to wear narrow fitting heels.

Silicone metatarsal pads in heels
Most often the heels are painful. Always choose high heels with silicone metatarsal pads. According to experts, the cushion in it gives great comfort to the ankles.

Choose wide heels.
It is common to have pain with swelling in the feet after wearing high heels. If you love to wear heels, always choose wide heels. The sole of such heels is quite comfortable. Choosing such heels to wear to any function can be beneficial.Here are three tricks to keep in mind if you choose heels to avoid foot aches and pains.

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