Today, with strong morale and confidence, you will be able to do everything easily. There will be happiness and peace in domestic life. Physical health will be good. There may be bitterness in the nature, so be restrained in speaking. Later in the afternoon you will move on to entertainment. There is a possibility of sightseeing with friends and loved ones. You will be physically and mentally healthy.

Mentally, you will have a high level of emotionality. Don’t worry too much about anything. Students will get success in practice and career today. With your imagination, you will be able to innovate in literary creation. There will be peace and happiness in the home environment. There will be success in business. You will also get support from friends. Opponents will be victorious.

Avoid unnecessary arguments to maintain family peace. Mother’s health will be poor. There may be loss in money and reputation. In the afternoon, you may feel more emotional. Your creativity will increase positively. Time is favorable for students. Closeness to loved ones will increase.

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First Publication: 10 October 2022, 05:20 IST

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