Worshiping Hanuman Ji on Tuesday is beneficial.
Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are worshiped in Ashwinya Shyan Vrat.

Aaj Ka Panchang (Today’s Panchang): Today is Tuesday, October 11. Today is the second date of Kartik month. The fasts of the month of Kartika are important from the point of view of worship. Chaturmas in this month ends with Devthani Ekadashi, after which auspicious activities like marriage, house entry, engagement will begin. Karo Chauth fast will be observed on Chaturthi of this month, while Diwali will be observed on Amavasya. The month of Kartak has special significance because of the big festival like Diwali.

Today on Tuesday we worship Hanuman Ji. Go to any Hanuman temple today and offer fruits, flowers, vermilion, chola, sweets etc. to Hanumanji. Reading Hanuman Chalisa, Aarti and Bajrang Baan today is beneficial. Hanuman ji is also happy by worshiping Shri Ram on this day. Worship Bajring Cat to remove all troubles and worries.

Today, non-stop sleeping fast is also being observed for the longevity of the wife. This fast is observed 5 times in a year. Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu are worshiped by keeping this fast. It improves marital life. today you Lakshmi na shunyam vard yatha te shinam always. Shea Mampayashunastu Tatra Madhusadaan.‘ Mantra can be chanted. Let’s know by pinching today’s shubh and inauspicious time and know how the position of planets will be today.

Punching of October 11, 2022
Today’s Date – Kartik Krishna Paksha Devitya
Today’s Ray – Butterflies
Today’s Nakshatra – Ashwini
Today’s Yoga – Harsh
Today’s Paksha – Krishna.
Today’s Battle – Tuesday

Sunrise and sunset and moonrise times
Sunrise – 06:19:00 AM
Sunset – 17:56:00 PM
Moonrise – 18:56:59
Moonset – 07:30:00
Moon Sign – Aries

Hindu month and year
Shuk Samwat – Shub of 1944
Vikram Samut – 2079
Kali Samut – 5123
Time of day – 11:38:47
Month of Amant – Ashwin
Mah Purnament – Karthik
Good time – 11:44:44 to 12:31:19

Inauspicious Time (Bad Time)
Wicked Mahratta – 12:31:19 to 13:17:54, 14:51:05 to 15:37:40
Click – 14:51:05 to 15:37:40
Kantak – 08:38:23 to 09:24:58
Rahu Call – 08:02 to 09:30
Kalvela/Urdhyam – 10:11:33 to 10:58:09
Time – 11:44:44 to 12:31:19
Yamgand – 10:40:40 to 12:08:01
Gulak period – from 13:54 to 15:22

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