Give your baby plenty of water and massage to relieve colic.
Stomach pain is a common problem in children for which home remedies are effective.

Abdominal pain in children: All parents worry about their child. When a child is very young, it needs special care. Young and newborn babies cannot express their problems by speaking but they definitely try to communicate through gestures. Stomach aches in young children are usually caused by gas, injury, constipation and food allergies. Inflammation, irritation and bad effects at the level of digestive system like gastroenteritis rotavirus, adenovirus are responsible for this problem, similarly cold, flu also cause stomach ache in children. Babies often cannot communicate their problems, but their cries reveal everything. There are many such symptoms that can be used to identify that a child is suffering from stomach pain.

Symptoms of abdominal pain in children
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Problems in eating, hand rubbing on the stomach, pain on touching the stomach, crying more than usual and bending of the arms and legs are the main causes of stomach pain in children. If such symptoms are seen in children, it should be understood that they are dealing with stomach pain.

Some Home Remedies for Stomach Pain Relief

Drink the right amount of water: Drink water regularly to relieve your baby’s colic, this remedy is especially effective for six-month-old babies, as water flushes out dry stool trapped in the stomach.

Baby massage: Massage relieves physical pain and improves the health of the baby. Massaging also removes stiffness in the body.

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Restful sleep: Young children are very delicate, due to which they feel more pain, but if the child’s sleeping arrangement is comfortable, the feeling of pain is reduced.

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Apply asafoetida paste: To get rid of gas in the baby’s stomach, first lay the baby on his back and mix some hing and 3-4 drops of water to make a paste and apply it around the baby’s stomach and navel.

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