Traveling without a ticket is a punishable offence.
You can buy tickets at the railway counter and online.
Online tickets are booked more nowadays.

New Delhi. A train ticket is required to travel by train. Whether you travel in a reserved coach or in general, you must have a ticket for rail travel. You can also book tickets online and buy from railway counters. There will be a fine for traveling in the train without a ticket. This fine is much higher than the ticket rate. TTE (Travel Ticket Examiner) is responsible for checking the tickets in the train. A question arises in the minds of many railway passengers that how will TTE quickly know whether the passenger has purchased the ticket online or the ticket has been taken from the counter?

The answer to this question is the reservation chart in TTE’s hand while checking the ticket. Actually, Railways prepares a reservation chart for each train. It contains the information of the passengers traveling in the coach. Along with this, the chart also shows which passenger booked the ticket online and who is traveling by purchasing the ticket from the ticket counter. ‘E’ is written next to the details of passengers who have booked tickets online. By looking at it, TTE understands where the ticket is taken from.

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Two-way ticket checker
Ticket checking in Indian Railways has two people on their shoulders. One TTE and the other TC (Ticket Collector). TTE’s job is to check tickets in a moving train. Apart from this they also check the passenger ID whether the passenger is sitting in the right seat or not, passenger has got the seat or not, passenger has any problem etc. If we say in simple words, TTE not only checks the tickets while traveling in the train but also takes care of the passengers and looks after their management.

TCs also only check tickets, but their area of ​​work is different. TTE checks the tickets while traveling in the train and similarly the TC checks the tickets on the platform. They work on the ground and check passengers for small spaces and platform tickets etc.

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