Tina Dutta is one of the most glamorous celebs in ‘Bigg Boss 16’. This is also proved by the pictures of the actress. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) 16 contestants have entered Salman Khan’s reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Among them is Tina Dutta. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) While entering the show, Tina was seen praying to Durga Maa that she should get people’s love in a show like ‘Acha’. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) Tina congratulates Salman on Durga Puja and starts the festival with sweets. Tina is one of the most glamorous celebs on Salman Khan’s show. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) Tina started her acting career at the age of 12 with the Bengali film Chokhar Bali opposite Aishwarya Rai. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) In 2005, Tina played the role of Kishore Lalitha in Pradeep Sarkar’s film Parineeta. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta) Tina got real popularity from the TV show ‘Uttaran’, in which she played the role of Ush. He played this role for six years and won awards for it. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta)

After ‘Aatran’ ended, Tina did not play a significant role in the world of television. He tried his luck in the reality show ‘Khatrun Ke Khiladi’, but it didn’t pan out. (Photo credit: Instagram @tinadatta)

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