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Udaipur. A unique penance of a priest has come to light in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district. Devotees of the Mother have given up water during Navratri and grown 21 kg of millets on their bodies. These millets will be immersed today i.e. the last day of Navratri, the priest has taken this decision for five years. It is the glory of devotion to the Goddess before whom everyone bows.

Ajepura village is near Ogana town in Jhodol sub-division of Udaipur district. Here is the temple of Ista Devi Dhara Mataji. In this temple, the priest Keshulal engages in a unique penance, he lies in this position for eight days without food or water and a 21 kg vessel is placed on his chest. Mother’s waves have risen in this vessel. They will remain in this condition for the nine days of Navratri and on the last day these waves will be taken for immersion in the village lake. Every year millets are grown in all the temples during Navratri days.

Commit to penance for five years.
Priest Keshulal has been doing this penance for the past 4 years. Every year in Shardia Navratri they do such penance. He has committed to lifting tide on his body for 5 consecutive years. While he prepares himself by giving up food and water seven days before the Navratri. People are coming from far and wide to see it. Residents of the area say that the priest has been growing chestnut millet in the same way for the last four years and neither eats nor urinates for nine days. Many times the doctors also examined him but it is the miracle of the mother that he is completely healthy.

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