The Shiv Sena’s bow and arrows are facing deep public discontent. Banning only Tiyana and Karthyana Thevanichya information Uddhav Thackerini orders Matushrivar Par Padelia to sit with Nithyana Dalit. After the meeting is completed, the medium speaks only Bhaskar Jadhavani. Nivaranuk Ayogayavar Janatarupi Court Ahe and Tyat Aaplyala Nakki Justice Mil as Vishwashi Uddhav Thackerayni expressed Kelyacham Bhaskar Jadhav Mahanale. Meanwhile, the country’s autonomous body, Kanachiya, is working under pressure, Asaliachan Mahat Uddhav Thackeray’s commentary on Nivaranuk Aayog’s decision-making..


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