Ujjainis set to write a new chapter of religio-cultural fervor and faith in Madhya Pradesh today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today Ujjain Are coming. The evening here is very beautiful. Mahakal Lok will start. Great preparations are being made to welcome PM and inaugurate Mahakal Lok. Today, PM Modi will dedicate the first phase of the Rs 856 crore Mahakal Corridor project to the public. The tomb of the Mahakal temple will be directly connected to this corridor. Throughout the corridor, other religious stories including Baba Mahakal, Shiva Parvati Viva and Shiva Mahima are brilliantly depicted through paintings and sculptures.

PM Modi’s Minute-to-Minute Schedule
PM Modi will depart from Ahmedabad Airport at 3:35 PM in an Air Force plane.

-PM will reach Indore Airport at 4:30 PM.

5 pm will arrive at Ujjain helipad from airport.

After going to Mahakaleshwar at 5:25 PM at Mahakaleshwar temple do pooja.

PM Modi will dedicate ‘Shri Mahakal Lok’ to the nation at 6.20 pm.

– From 6:25 pm to 7:05 pm, Karthik will attend a public function at the Mela Ground.

– The Prime Minister will depart from Ujjain by helicopter at 8:30 PM and reach Indore Airport.

– 9 PM from Indore airport by Indian Air Force aircraft for Delhi.

Change in Prime Minister’s Program
Changes have been made in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s programme. Initially they were to go from Ujjain to Indore by road but later it was changed due to security reasons. Now they will not go back by road. From Ujjain they will reach Indore airport by helicopter. From Indore airport at 9 pm they will leave for Delhi by Indian Air Force aircraft. First PM from Ujjain. Indore had to be reached by road. Hence, attractive electrical decorations were made throughout the route.

The Prime Minister will offer pooja for 15 minutes.
News18 spoke to Mahesh, the chief priest of the Mahakal temple. The priest said that there is a 15-minute pooja program of PM Modi at the holy place of Mahakal. Pooja will be performed as per the rules and regulations of the Mahakal Mandir. The PM will be accompanied by three priests in the Haram, who will conduct the pooja. Maximum 5 people can join Haram with PM. The rest will be able to sit in the Nandi Mandapam. The priest said that at the same time pooja will be performed at Mahakal Mandir for the success of PM Modi. Even before he became the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi worshiped in Mahakal. He got Prasad. The priest said that if PM Modi wishes for 2024 too, he will also get Prasad.

A change in philosophy
Arrangements for darshan of Mahakal at the temple before Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pooja program have also been changed. Pilgrims visiting Haram Sharif and Nandi are prohibited. At this time, the darshan of Mahakal is happening from far and wide.

Shri Mahakal Lok will also resonate in 40 countries.
The Mahakal public release program, which is going to be held today, will be heard not only in India but also in foreign countries. This program will be broadcast live in 40 countries of the world. BJP’s External Relations Department has scheduled a virtual meeting with NRIs from 40 countries. Through this, the launch program of Shree Mahakal Lok Complex will be telecast live in 40 countries. Madhya Pradesh BJP will provide a live link to the program to NRIs in 40 countries.

Events abroad
This festival of public release of Mahakal will also be celebrated in foreign temples. There, lamps will be lit in the temples and its live program will be shown on the big screen.

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