Ukraine War on India Russia: Bananas are being attacked in several cities of Kyiv (Kiev), the capital of Russia, Ukraine on Monday. Russian Tenchivar Akon 84 Khsnastrare Dagli Ahat. Many civilians died, Ukrainian authorities received the nest data. Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a request to express concern about torture or violence.

Arndam Bagchi i.e. Sangeetle, Spokesperson of the Ministry of State of India, Ukraine, Madhya Pradesh is deeply concerned about the violence. In particular, the citizens of Merle Gale and Nagri Bhagat were attacked. Violencechar Konachyahi Hitachi Naslyache Bharatane Revival Banana. The media of both countries should support the conduct of violence. Bharat Shantichya Sarva Prathyantana Pathamba is ready to help Dinasathi and Karanya.

‘Respect the Global Covenant’

or the initiation of war, such as India, the international system, the United Nations and all countries, territorial integrity and universal respect, according to the principle of conduct. India’s Ministry of State said that every country should get a banana for universal respect.

Key Guiding Elements issued by the Ministry of External Affairs

Or to issue a guideline in the context of India’s Ministry of State’s attitude towards Singtal, the Hallyanchaya Vadtya incident to Ukraine, reports of Indian nationals and some unnecessary migration to Ukraine. The Indian Embassy should follow the guidelines issued by the Government of India and local authorities in the center of Ukraine. The Indian citizen has requested that Karnait Ali Ahe, Tianyi Ukraine model Tianchia, Mehti Deyavi at the embassy to change the presence or status. jenekrun jevha necessary asel teva embassy tyanchyyat pohochu shkel.

Other important things

Band samplan, satar jhalan… are usually Khushtuns costing lakhs of rupees.

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