Russia’s Missile Attack in Ukraine , In the middle of the Crimea (Crimea Peninsula) Russian (Russia) More aggressive character Ghetli Asun Ukraine (Ukraine) Motha halla banana ahe. Crimea bridge explosion in Russia. Russian or explosive Ukrainianella counterfast tynchyavaril halle damages banana more severely. Russia has fired 75 missiles at Ukraine. 11 people were killed and 70 people were injured. War broke out, khlampasoncha Ukraine, Russia, banila atapriyantla ha mota hla asliacham multan jatin ahe. According to media reports, Russia has come to Ukraine on Monday, October 10.

Ukraine’s main energy source and facility target

The Crimean explosion and the Lyman city of Ukraine have ended. Only Ukraine harmed the charge against Crimea. Yanantar Russiae Ukrainevril Halle Intense Bananas Hurt. Or Khysnastra, Ukraine’s capital city of Kyiv, several cities suffered insect damage.

Russia has been launched in Ukraine. Or Kheshnaster Halychan’s main goal is to damage Ukraine’s main energy sources and energy facilities. Yamule, the capital of Ukraine, whose source of energy is Dagniyat Ali Aht, has hit several cities in Asananya Dakshinekdale with missiles.

Hulyanvar of Russia reacts to the head of Ukraine Zhelensky Yanchi

The full response of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, that is, Russia’s hooligan, many Russian attacks have come to light across the country. Or in the middle of hell many people were killed and many people were injured. The Russians attack Ukraine when energy is on target. The video for Jehlinski’s social media post is being played downtown, across several areas of the city. After the Crimean Bridge blast, the attacker, Yehlia Putin, will be discussed at the meeting of the National Security Council in the Kremlin on Monday. Tianantra Ucreaver 75 Khshanastra Dagniyat Ali.

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