Acid attack on Dalit woman in Sambhal
Pradhan was angry for not voting in the election.
Police registered a case against 4 accused in SC-ST.

Be careful. A heartbreaking case has come to light in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh. A Dalit woman was attacked with acid for not voting for the village chief in the election here. Pradhan is accused of throwing acid in election rivalry. The police sent the woman to hospital for treatment in critical condition, from where she has been referred to Moradabad Higher Centre. The police have registered a report under the defamation and SC-ST act against the four accused.

The entire case is from Mandavali Rasoolpur village of Inchuda Kumbuh police station in Sambhal. It was reported that here Dabang dragged an elderly Dalit woman to the arena. Where he was taken hostage and beaten for hours. After that, he threw acid on the woman’s face. The family members of the victim say that the incident is related to the election of the president. In which they did not vote for the current village head due to which they were angry. Relatives alleged that Pradhan’s people had been threatening them for several days.

The family made serious allegations
The victim’s husband said that Sir was angry because he did not vote in the presidential election. He had threatened many times before. It was told that the accused party has attacked the family members before. After which he also filed the report. But the police did not arrest the accused. The relatives say that if the police had arrested the accused, this incident would not have happened. At present, the police are investigating the matter after admitting the victim to the hospital.

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