After departure from New Delhi, the breakdown occurred during a journey of 90 km.
The train stopped at the Kharja station after the wheels jammed.
Passengers were diverted onward by Shatabdi Express.

Bulandshahr The wheels of the semi-high speed Vande Bharat Express from Delhi to Varanasi in Bulandshahr district of Uttar Pradesh got stuck after a technical fault. After which the train stopped at Kharja station for about 4 hours and the passengers continued to worry. Later all the passengers were sent on further journey by Shatabdi Express.

According to the officials, an emergency brake was applied in Vande Bharat train due to a technical fault. Due to emergency brake jam the train was stopped at Veer station and from there the train was pulled by supporting engine to Kharja Junction. The passengers were then dispatched to Varanasi by the Shatabdi Express called from Delhi. Due to the blockade of the Vande Bharat train, the route from Delhi to Varanasi was affected for 3 to 4 hours.

According to officials, the wheels were not able to rotate completely due to a fault in the train’s ‘traction motor’. Officials described the condition as ‘flat tire’. The semi-fast train left New Delhi railway station on time at 6 am, but its journey was terminated at Kharja station in Uttar Pradesh after covering a distance of 90 km, officials said. All 1068 passengers on Vande Bharat boarded the Shatabdi Express sent from Delhi and departed for onward journey at 12.40 pm.

Error checking will be done
According to the statement, the jam situation was rectified with the help of National Capital Region (NCR), but in the meantime, the train was taken to Kharja station at a limited speed of 20 km per hour due to a defect in the 80 mm flat tire. . The statement said that this failure in the operation will be investigated in detail. A traction motor is an electric motor used to drive a system such as a locomotive, electric or hydrogen vehicle. A ‘flat tyre’ refers to a difference in the correct roundness of a wheel due to some ‘flat’ area on the wheel frame.

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