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Barmer. On the occasion of Navratri especially the temples of Mata are thronged with devotees, today here we are talking about why devotees flock to a devotee’s house. A devotee of Akhand Jyoti of Mata Shakti temple is seated in her house. Akhand Jyoti Siddur Barmer’s family of West Bengal’s Mother Kali temple was established with music in their home. Now people throng to see this holy light.

Dakshineshwar Kali Temple located in Kolkata, West Bengal is famous not only across the country but across the seven seas. The eternal flame burning in this thousand-year-old temple is revered by millions of people. This is the reason why every year people from different parts of the country come to this temple to offer their vows. A family from Barmer, located on the border thousands of kilometers from Kolkata, came to this temple with a unique vow, which even the temple administration could not deny. It is being told that for the first time Akhar Jyot has been taken out of the Dakshineshwar Kali temple.

Now the temple will have life.

Suresh Kumar Gharu, who brought Akhand Jyot from Kolkata to Barmer, says that he traveled 2275 km one way to bring this Jyot of Kali Maa. An unbreakable flame was brought from the mother’s feet and installed in the temple with a raga. Barmer priest Chandra Prakash Garg says that going from Barmer to Kolkata and bringing Akhar Jyot is historic in itself. This may have happened for the first time. Now the temple in Barmer will be revived and the idol of Mata Kali will also be installed.

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