CM Hamanta Sarma has shared the video of this incident on his Twitter handle.
In the viral video, the rhino is running towards the forest after the accident.
The Chief Minister has also tweeted that a fine has been imposed on the truck driver.

Guwahati. We all see videos of road accidents on social media, which are quite scary. In this episode, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma shares a video of a road accident on social media, which is rapidly going viral. However, in this video, it is not a collision between two vehicles, but a collision between a truck and a unicorn. This incident is from Haldibari in Dhubri district.

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sharma tweeted the video and wrote that ‘Ravens are our special friends, we will not allow any kind of violation in their territory.’ Along with this, he wrote in his tweet that a unicorn survived in this sad incident in Haldibari. The vehicle was stopped and fined. Meanwhile, as part of our commitment to save animals in Kaziranga, we are working on a 32 km special corridor.

Let us tell you that the ten-second video clip clearly shows the unicorn running through the forest before stumbling onto the road and crashing into a truck. Meanwhile, he collided with a truck. However, after a few moments he gets up and runs back into the forest.

The video shared by the CM received mixed reactions. Taking the driver’s side, a user wrote that what else would a truck driver do in such a short time. He saved the animal’s life by swerving the truck very quickly. On the other hand, another user commented and wrote that the 32 km special corridor could further disturb the animals. Along with this, the destruction of trees in the forest can also be a reason. It would be better if the Brahmaputra Bridge was completed at Nomaligarh, all heavy vehicles would be diverted through the northern bank route.

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