Gwalior. A shocking incident took place on May 26 in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The incident took place during a police riot parade. In fact, a riot parade was taking place this morning at the DRP line in Bahudapur. More than 500 police personnel of the district force participated in the riot parade. Police personnel were being rehearsed to deal with emergency situations. They were being told how to deal with the situation during stone pelting and riots. Meanwhile, a young man carelessly threw a tear gas grenade which fell between the traffic policemen. Traffic constable Janmeje was injured in the bomb blast.

Janmeje, who was injured during the accident, was immediately sent to the hospital by ambulance. Here he is undergoing treatment at Jayarogya Hospital. Due to the bomb blast, he was injured on the chest. Currently doctors are treating him. It is to be noted that the police organizes such programs from time to time to train the youth. Police say that such an incident makes the youth ready to deal with all kinds of situations. These events keep soldiers healthy not only physically but also mentally. They get to learn a lot in this kind of training. From them soldiers learn to face all kinds of crowds.

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