Report: Harikant Sharma

Agra. A strange picture has emerged after the Dashanan was burnt in the historic Ramlila of Tajnagari Agra. As soon as Lord Shri Rama burnt Ravana’s effigy. Immediately after burning the effigy, the people of the nearby settlement started a race to loot the wood of the burning effigy. No one cared that the wood they were robbing contained fire that could burn them. Everyone, whether children or adults, was busy taking away the burning wood from each other. It was fortunate that no one was burnt, but the way in which the firewood was looted was a struggle. Seeing him, it seemed that no accident would happen. People were snatching sticks from each other.

Small children were also making bundles of wood and taking them to their homes. It is being told that these people live in a nearby slum and every year they loot the burning Ravana wood. Some people also use these woods for cooking in their homes.

No one bothered to stop.
The biggest question is that there was a large number of police on the spot. But no one tried to remove these people from there. Ravana was not even completely burnt when the people took him away. Getting so close to burning Ravana’s effigy questions the system itself. People were not allowed to go near the burning Ravana.

But still a large number of people arrived. Meanwhile, the police also looked lazy. The picture itself is quite funny.

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