Bhilangana, a tributary of the Bhagirathi River, is situated on the Ghansali hill.
The best place to take a selfie is the Goel town of Ghansali Hill.
Gurkot village is surrounded by beautiful and charming pine trees.

Sightseeing places in Ghansali Hill: Walking between beautiful plains, lush vegetation and lakes, rivers is a unique experience and the beautiful Indian state of Uttarakhand is famous all over the world for this feature. Uttarakhand’s beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and lush green forests attract many people. Ghansali Hills of Uttarakhand is very famous for the beauty and views of such picturesque hills, which are loved not only by tourists from India but also from the country and abroad.

This hilly area is at a distance of 59 km from New Tehri city of Uttarakhand which is adding to the beauty of Uttarakhand with its natural beauty. If you also want to enjoy this natural beauty you can plan Ghansali Hill, so let’s know about some of the best beautiful places to visit in Ghansali Hill.

Best places to visit in Ghansali Hill

Bhilingana River
The Bhilingana River is a tourist attraction in Ghansali Hill and is also an important tributary of the Bhagirathi River. This river flows through the forest towards the Ghansali hill where its white water comes down from the rocks.

Girkot village
Surrounded by pine trees and tall beautiful mountains, this village on Ghansali Hill is a particular favorite among tourists. People come here for picnics, sightseeing and enjoying its beauty. This village is located at a distance of about 3 km from the city.

Gweel is a small town on Ghansali hill surrounded by beautiful mountains. Tibetan people can also be seen here. Goel town is very close to Ghansali and this town can be a perfect place for selfies as the high mountains of Goel town are mesmerizing.

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Hanuman Temple
This temple is considered a favorite among the people living on the Ghansali hill as well as the tourists who come here as this temple on the hill is one of the holy places, with which the people have faith. Here you can reach by trekking and enjoying the high mountains along with the greenery of Ghansali.

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