New Delhi. In the last few days, several incidents of suicide of medical students have been reported in the country. As there was no clear reason behind the suicide of the students, doubts were being raised about many things. However, considering ragging as a reason behind the suicide, the National Medical Commission formed an anti-ragging committee. Which has now sent letters to all the medical colleges across the country asking for various types of information.

The first meeting of this anti-ragging committee, chaired by UGMEB Chairperson Dr. Aruna V Vannekar, was held recently on September 27. Meanwhile, complaints of ragging received by medical students and their parents were discussed and deep concern was expressed over the rising trend of suicide among medical students in the country. However, not all suicides or suicidal tendencies are related to ragging. However, in many cases, ragging also leads to suicide.

Therefore, the committee has sent letters to the principals of medical colleges and institutes across the country seeking information about the past five years. All medical colleges have been asked to provide departmental details of the number of students who committed suicide in the last five years. Apart from this, the data is also asked to indicate the number of students who have dropped out of the college or institute during those years. Colleges have also been asked to share information about student working hours, weekly leave given to students. The commission has asked to provide this data by October 7, 2022.

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