A Sanskritist from Meerut is seen reciting shlokas and also speaks English fluently.
Maulana also adds Chaturvedi before his name. His name is Maulana Mashhadur Rahman Shaheen Jamali Chaturvedi.

Meerut. Listening to Sanskrit in a madrassa seems a bit different, but in Meerut a Maulana is seen reciting Sanskrit verses. Maulana also seems to speak English fluently. Maulana also adds Chaturvedi before his name. Maulana Mashhoodur Rahman Shaheen Jamali Chaturvedi says that his father also used to add Chaturvedi to his name and that too because he loved the Vedas.

In this regard, Maulana Mashhadur Rahman Shaheen Jamali Chaturvedi said that his Madrasah is one hundred and thirty five years old. Children are also taught Sanskrit in Madrasa Imdad-e-Islam. Maulana says that he also teaches personality development in madrasas. Maulana also advocates research in Madrasa. A press conference on the topic ‘Importance of Education’ was held in this seminary on Sunday. Famous religious scholar Maulana Qazi Anisur Rahman Sahib Qasmi, Chairman Dr Abdul Kalam Research Foundation Patna, former Chairman Haj Committee Bihar Government, Member All India Muslim Personal Law Board also attended.

If there is research in the seminary, the country will develop

He said that there should be facilities for research on various topics in the Madrasa. A member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board said that the country will move forward if the madrassa is investigated. Welcoming all kinds of surveys in the madrassa, he said that the more surveys are conducted, the more the madrassa will benefit. He also described the survey conducted on waqf properties in UP as good.

‘Reconciliation will strengthen our unity’

These two Maulanas say that education has such an impact on our own children that the society they go to, they will relate to their other religious brothers and what they have learned here, they will adopt in their lives. Such understanding will strengthen unity among themselves. Now local people say that in fact such a Maulana is an example in today’s age.

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