One after another, animal videos are being seen on social media, which are either extremely funny animal acts or horrifying hunting videos. But sometimes the camera records something that no one can imagine. Which is completely different from the nature of nature. One such video from the zoo is going viral, in which a golden retriever shadowed a tiger.

Wildlife Viral Series: In a video shared on Instagram, a golden retriever dog grabs a ferocious tiger’s ear in its jaws in such a way that the tigress squirms. He kept trying to save himself by giving the dog a paw, but the dog remained fearless. Surprisingly, the accompanying lion did not help the tiger either.

Holding the ear, the dog told the intelligence of the tiger.
In the viral video, it can be seen that the golden retriever dog Tiger and the tiger are present together. It seems that the weakest of the three will be the dog. But briefly, the dog reminded the tiger of milk of the sixth. The dog caught the tiger’s ear in its jaws, refusing to let go again. The poor lion was in pain. He tried to move the dog away by clawing, but the dog did not move. He was neither afraid nor worried. And this scene continued for a long time. Surprisingly, even the tiger present did not help the tiger. He thought it best to keep himself aloof in the battle of the two.

The lion looked helpless in front of the dog
After watching the video, people were amazed, no one could believe that a dog could be strong enough to play Tiger’s band. Surprisingly, the tiger is not so weak that it cannot free itself from the dog’s grip. So says one user – Of course Tiger is putting up with this dog. They are clearly playing. At the same time, some users wonder why the Golden Retriever dog was kept in the enclosure of dangerous animals like tigers and lions.

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