The actions related to death are described in the Gurud Purana.
When a man dies, he is considered a god.

Between birth and death is the connection of life. As soon as the life ends, the breathing of the person stops and he reaches the dead state. After death, the last and last rites of a person are performed only in Hindu religion. There are 16 rituals from birth to death which are mentioned in Sanatana Dharma. After death, the last rites are performed. But it also has many complications. Whatever rituals are there in Hinduism, they are done with law and legislation, which cannot be denied.

of Kanpur Pandit Raj Narayan Show him Garuda Purana It describes the actions related to death. The Garuda Purana is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which properly describes the actions to be taken after death. In Gurud Purana it is mentioned why one should not light the hearth in the house after death, let us know.

Why doesn’t the stove burn in the house?
The Guru Purana states that when a person dies, the hearth is not lit in the house until the last rites of the deceased have been performed. Doing so hurts the dead spirit. It is believed that food should be taken happily, but if someone dies in the house, how can one be happy in such a situation. If a person eats food in the house, the dead soul suffers. For this reason, eating food is considered taboo in the Gurud Purana.

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Importance of cremation
The Gurud Purana states that when a person dies, he is considered a god and given the same respect. All his actions also happen. All these actions we do without taking food, that is why we first offer pind daan to the deceased, then food is necessary.

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What is scientific reason?
From a scientific point of view, vomiting starts when the body dies. Elements in the body interact with each other to multiply bacteria, which invisibly spread throughout the home. Do not eat food in such a state as it is considered impure and polluted.

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