These days Vishnu Devi coins are in high demand in the market.
The special series Rs 2 coin is valued at around Rs 5 lakh.
You can earn millions of rupees by selling these coins you have on online website.

New Delhi. A coin in prasad received during darshan of Mata Vishnu Devi can make you a millionaire sitting at home. Now you might be wondering how this can happen, so let us tell you that these days people are very much obsessed with ancient and old coins. People are eagerly buying old coins. So now you can also earn by selling these coins at home. According to media reports, you can get as much as Rs 5 lakh for a special Rs 2 coin.

1, 2 rupees coins with image of Vishnu Devi are very much in demand in the market, so if you also have Vishnu Devi 1 or 2 rupees coins then you can fetch lakhs of rupees. You can sell these coins on various websites. For example, you can sell on Indiamart.com, CoinBazar or OLX. For this, you have to register yourself by uploading the image of the coin on this website. We tell you that you can also negotiate the price of the coins. If you have 2 rupees of 1994, 1995, 1997 or 2000 series, you can earn up to 5 lakh rupees.

To sell your particular coin, you must first register as a seller on OLX. After that you have to upload a picture of both sides of the coin you have. Now you have to enter mobile number and email id. After that fill all the details and submit. Now anyone who wants to buy coins will contact you via phone number or mail.

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