In Noida, the girl then misbehaved with the society guard.
The drunk girl grabbed the guard’s collar and abused him a lot.

Noida. After the slapping woman, now a new case of Ajanara Homes Sector 121 has come to light. Here on Friday night at around one o’clock three drunken girls put on a high voltage drama. A video of 3 girls misbehaving with a guard while intoxicated has surfaced. On the complaint of the guard, both parties were called by police station phase 2, after which both the girls were challaned in 151.

Let me tell you that when the girls arrived at Gate No. 2 of Ajanara Homes 121 at one o’clock last night, the guard stopped the car and investigated. The guard refused to enter the vehicle as the vehicle did not have a sticker, after which the drunken girls staged a high-voltage drama and beat up the guard and hurled obscenities.

Grabs the guard’s collar and abuses him.

In the 1 minute 21 second video, it is revealed that the girl is intoxicated. She grabs the collar of the first guard. She then misbehaves with him. The guard stands behind with folded hands. After some time, the girl takes off the cap of the guard’s head and throws it away. However, in the meantime, another young woman standing next to him forbids him from doing all this. But, she doesn’t agree. She is also seen making videos from her mobile.

Both the girls live on rent in the society.

In this regard, Police Station Phase III said that both the girls live on rent in Ajnara Homes 121. Police said that the name of the girl who grabbed the collar of both is Anjali, she is a resident of Nainital. Another is Kakul. Anjali has a job as a food supplement that is provided at the gym. Police say that both the girls were intoxicated.

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